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DFI  -  International Expertise in Food Composition and Food Description

Danish Food Informatics (DFI) is a consultancy with extensive expertise in food informatics and specializing in food composition data - their databases, food description, and food classification systems.


Danish Food Informatics provides expertise in systems for describing and classifying foods. Danish Food Informatics is the publisher of several of the authoritative documents of the international framework for food description, LanguaL (Langua Alimentaria), and hosts and maintains its website.
Danish Food Informatics has - in collaboration with Polytec, Nivå, Denmark - developed the LanguaL Food Product Indexer, a semi-automated system to describe foods using the LanguaL thesaurus.
The software is free of charge and can be downloaded from the LanguaL website.

International collaboration

Danish Food Informatics participates in several European and other international projects on the harmonisation and standardisation of food composition databases. Danish Food Informatics also has activities in other European countries, as well participation in international projects.
Danish Food Informatics
was partner in EuroFIR - the European Food Information Resource Network - a Network of Excellence under the EU 6th Framework Food Quality and Safety Programme (Contract No. FP6-513944), and is honorary member of the EuroFIR AISBL organisation.


Danish Food Informatics has published a series of documents concerning food description and food data interchange. For more information about Danish Food Informatic's publications, see DFI Publications.

Food Composition Databases and Information Systems

Danish Food Informatics maintains and is preparing to publish the Danish Extended Food Information Databank as well as specific information systems on scientific names in connection with LanguaL.
Danish Food Informatics is providing the Compilers' Toolbox - Food Fact Finder - with important background information for food composition data compilers (to come).
Furthermore, Danish Food Informatics provides the tool, SciName Finder, for scientific names of plants and animals from authoritative sources. This tool links information on the internet together is one application, see SciName Finder.


The Danish Food Informatics food data consultancy headquarter is situated in Roskilde, Denmark.






LanguaL™ version 2014.
For more information, see the LanguaL™ website.


Danish Extended Food Information Databank is currently under development.

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